For my year 12 photography major work, I produced a film called 'Reality TV' I was inspired by the over-dramatic nature of these reality tv shows and wanted to make one of my own.

Throughout high school, I played roles in friends films. This is one I starred in called 'A Rest out of Time' This was absolutely my favourite film to be a part of. And Jahvis did an amazing job directing.


Motion graphics has always been my favourite type of design. I've just begun my work with moving designs so i thought i'd start out simple

My friend Lorien and I like to make posters for fun. We're well known around our community for helping out the community and designing posters, flyers, and logos for locals

We’re a group of Intermediate graphic designers who have 12+ years of experience between us. We’ve worked on many projects for teachers, friends, family and other clients. We put hard work in and get the best work out. We strive for integrity, value and communication.